cliche baby post

it’s been a while – too stressed etc to post and frankly nothing to say except going on about this little onebaby girl and dad(she’s the one on the left)

anyway can’t stop now. busy bakson xxx


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‘final’ Pirsig interview

There’s an interview with Robert Pirsig in the Observer today. He says that it will be his last.
rob and chris

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new rhinehart book!

Luke Rhinehart has a new book out – hooray! It’s called “Jesus and George”

from luke’s website:
‘Appalled over the past five years by President Bush and his disastrous policies, Rhinehart chose to act. And this time, it’s political: a grand satirical vision that employs the same comic voice of The Dice Man to address a chaos of a very different kind. Because, as Rhinehart admits: “a large segment of us in the western world clearly would love to be able to laugh at those things and people that mostly make us want to cry.”

Jesus and George answers the very simple question:

What would happen if George Bush were to wake up one morning and find he’d become possessed by Jesus?’

I’ll post more info as I get it


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bonfire night etc

had a nice weekend. went to a nice firework display at park crescent

didn’t make it down to lewes but didn’t seem right taking little unborn baby and heavily pregnant wife.

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what’s more scary?

i used to think the scariest thing in the world was this:
here's bob!
now i think it might be this:
actually now i think about it the baby was always scarier

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WBMC to be held in Brighton, Sept 2007

Excellent news. The World Beard and Moustache Championship will be held in Brighton next year! Fab. I’m afraid my paltry beard won’t be fit to enter, but still it’ll be fun to watch the contestants

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TED talks

just wanted to recommend to anyone reading this the TED talks website.
it hosts talks from some very interesting people, i think everyone would find something on here. you can watch the talks online, or you can download video or audio versions onto your computer.

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baby baby

went to the midwife today. everything seems to be going ok. listened to the heartbeat.

i want to post more about baby but i can’t think what to say. it’s just so BIG (the way i feel, not the baby). i’m trying to think of a way of putting how i feel into words but i’ve never been any good at that, not in conversation and certainly not in the written word. um…

well i know it might seem obvious but i’m about equally excited and scared. the more i feel like this the closer those two emotions seem to become. i guess in a way they’re two sides of the same coin.
my mind keeps drifting to things i’d like to do with the little one (a girl, we think) – making kites, walks in the woods, baking biscuits. then back to practical worries about the birth and money. then to the surgery that baby’s going to need to have and whether it will hurt (she has a cleft lip or palette which was detected at a scan, and will be operated on about three months after birth). then to the bloody lino in our kitchen which has a great big rip in it.
i’m all over the place mentally. monkey mind it’s called. but i suppose that’s normal.
i don’t know many dads but i at least have two good male friends who have kids, and i’ve been pumping them for advice. not as if there’es much to advise me on at the moment, but the main thing seems to be to keep archel happy. which is my general plan in life anyway because it’s fun to do that.
that’s it for now. less than two months left on the calendar. gulp!

i can’t wait.

ps i found this website today. looks to be good.

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i don’t know what was going on with these skulls that were above a shop in london road the last few weeks. one had a mohican made of trombones(?) and the other was perched atop some kind of double-helix thingy made out of golf clubs. went past this afternoon and they were being taken away by a crane. i guess i’ll never know.


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