new rhinehart book!

Luke Rhinehart has a new book out – hooray! It’s called “Jesus and George”

from luke’s website:
‘Appalled over the past five years by President Bush and his disastrous policies, Rhinehart chose to act. And this time, it’s political: a grand satirical vision that employs the same comic voice of The Dice Man to address a chaos of a very different kind. Because, as Rhinehart admits: “a large segment of us in the western world clearly would love to be able to laugh at those things and people that mostly make us want to cry.”

Jesus and George answers the very simple question:

What would happen if George Bush were to wake up one morning and find he’d become possessed by Jesus?’

I’ll post more info as I get it



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2 responses to “new rhinehart book!

  1. Catzilla

    Do you know when it is coming out yet? I’ve been trying to get back on the website but I can’t find it or it redircts moi to something else.
    Do you know when it is coming out- or if the website is still up and runing? Thanks.
    From Dedicated Rhinehart Fanatic.

  2. Catzilla

    OMG! Luke Rhinehart’s Jesus and George is hopefully going to be published early MAY!

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